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    Precautions for the use of hydraulic cylinder system

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    1. Generally, it is recommended to use N32 or N46 anti-wear hydraulic oil for hydraulic cylinders. Pay attention to the temperature rise of the oil at all times during operation. The oil temperature in the oil tank should not be greater than 60 degrees Celsius, and the appropriate oil temperature is 30 to 55 degrees Celsius. When the oil temperature is lower than 15 degrees Celsius or greater than 60 degrees Celsius, it should be heated or cooled.

    2. The hydraulic oil should be replaced after being used for 1-6 months, and the oil tank should be cleaned to remove dirt and dust. For hydraulic equipment newly put into use, the oil tank should be cleaned and replaced with new oil after about three months of use. The filter screen should be cleaned when cleaning the oil tank, and the filter element of the oil filter should be replaced and cleaned regularly. In order to save cost, it is recommended to use oil filter truck to filter oil.

    3. The external electrical control line is introduced by the electrical box. Please note that the rotation direction of the motor should be consistent with the direction marked by the arrow of the pump, and the control voltage of the solenoid valve of the hydraulic cylinder equipment must be consistent with that marked by the electromagnet.

    4. Start of oil pump and motor: check whether the adjusting handwheel and handle in the system are normal before starting. Whether the position of the electrical switch and the travel stop iron is firm, etc., and then it can be started without load first, and then it can work with load after a short operation. In general, the motor should not be opened and closed frequently during the working process. When starting at low temperature, it is necessary to adjust the overflow valve to 1/2 of the rated pressure, and then repeatedly jog the motor to make the overflow valve overflow completely, heat the hydraulic oil, and put it into use when the temperature rises to about 20 ℃. (if there is a heater, it can be heated directly)

    5. The hydraulic cylinder equipment should work below the rated pressure, otherwise it is easy to cause the motor to overheat, overload and damage other components.

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