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    Exhaust process and steps of hydraulic cylinder

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    After the inspection, if the hydraulic cylinder components are found to be normal and there is no oil leakage, it is necessary to evacuate the air in the cylinder. This is because if air enters and is not cleaned in time, the oil in the cylinder is mixed with air, which may cause the piston of the equipment to be unstable and swing.

    To solve this problem, we need to exhaust the air in the hydraulic cylinder in advance. Of course, this needs to be done through ventilation equipment. Ventilation equipment is generally placed at the upper end of the hydraulic circuit of the machine. In the case of casting equipment, a straight device is required.

    In this case, the mixing of air may lead to abnormal running speed of the machine, and the sealing components may also be burned due to the high temperature stroke of the equipment. Therefore, in casting machinery, the exhaust equipment is generally set in the cylinder barrel below the piston.

    After installing the exhaust equipment, appropriate adjustment is required to complete the required exhaust effect. The steps for venting the hydraulic cylinder are as follows:

    1. First reduce the operating pressure to the appropriate size, and then start;

    2. During the reciprocating stroke of the piston, check whether the machine vibrates and crawls seriously;

    3. When the pistons alternate, seal the air outlet with gauze, and open the exhaust valve together to complete the exhaust.

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