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    Three key points to understand when using hydraulic cylinder

    Release time:2022-07-07      Number of hits:10

    1、 Packaging and transportation of hydraulic cylinders

    In the transmission system, it belongs to the more important part, which is mainly the work organization of the driving host. Therefore, it is necessary to be strict in the packaging and careful in the transportation process. Whether it is the packaging or the transportation process, it is necessary to do a good job in dust prevention, shock absorption and moisture resistance.

    2、 Correct device of hydraulic cylinder

    When carrying out the device, the device shall be carried out according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. During the whole process of the device, the matters needing attention are to avoid the entry of dirt, correctly connect the incoming and outgoing equipment with other pipelines, and avoid wrong connection.

    3、 Commissioning of hydraulic cylinder

    Similarly, the commissioning work should be completed according to the commissioning instructions provided by the manufacturer, and the control personnel should guide the on-site commissioning to avoid accidents. Attention should be paid to the protection of the hydraulic cylinder commissioning site and the safety of the staff.

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