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    Teach you how to increase the service life of metallurgical hydraulic cylinders

    Release time:2022-07-07      Number of hits:8

    Metallurgical hydraulic cylinder is a common and highly used product in the hydraulic industry. It is a commonly used executive component of cylinder manufacturers, and it is also a relatively easy to damage component. So how to increase its service life? Let's popularize this knowledge for everyone today. Let's have a look!

    1、 Before use, check the oil volume of hydraulic oil to ensure the appropriate oil volume. It is recommended not to use hydraulic components when the oil volume is insufficient. Some air will enter, making the hydraulic equipment make noise and the system cannot operate normally.

    2、 Use clean hydraulic oil. Impurities in the hydraulic oil will block the passage, wear parts and shorten the service life of metallurgical hydraulic cylinders.

    3、 If oil leakage is found, check whether the seal of the hydraulic element is worn or damaged in time, and replace it in time, otherwise the output of the hydraulic element will be insufficient.

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