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    The difference between hydraulic cylinder and cylinder

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    (1) The cylinder is a pneumatic system element that converts compression energy into mechanical energy. Hydraulic cylinder is a hydraulic actuator that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy and makes linear reciprocating motion. Generally, the pressure of the cylinder used in the pneumatic system is within the range of 0.2-2mpa, which can not be used as a high-power power component, but compared with the hydraulic system, the product can be used as a high-power component.

    (2) The air used in the cylinder is an inexhaustible energy supply from the perspective of its own medium. There is no difficulty in cost supply. At the same time, it can directly release the used pollution-free gas for convenient treatment, but the product cannot.

    (3) The air resistance used by the cylinder is very small, but the hydraulic oil used by the hydraulic cylinder will have strong resistance.

    (4) Because the compression rate of air is far greater than that of liquid, the working stability will be far worse. The product is an important actuator in the hydraulic system, which can convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, and can cooperate with various transmission mechanisms to complete various mechanical movements. The product has the characteristics of simple structure, large output force, stable and reliable performance, convenient use and maintenance, and wide range of applications.

    (5) The normal operation of hydraulic cylinder depends on hydraulic oil, which is a non renewable resource and cannot be used cyclically, and the used hydraulic oil will have an impact on the environment; The pneumatic cylinder is different. It uses air to complete its operation. The air is inexhaustible, without cost and supply difficulties. The used gas is directly discharged into the atmosphere, which is convenient to handle, reusable and will not produce any pollution.

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