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    Causes and measures of unstable operation of hydraulic cylinder

    Release time:2022-07-07      Number of hits:11

    1、 The reasons for unstable operation of hydraulic cylinder are as follows:

    (1) If the oil inlet pipe is blocked, dredge the oil inlet pipe and check whether it is caused by hydraulic oil. If so, judge whether to replace the hydraulic oil.

    (2) If there is air in the hydraulic system, it should be vented and cleaned, and there should be no residual gas.

    (3) If the parts are worn, such as bearings or side plates, they should be replaced in time.

    2. Some specific measures to avoid hydraulic cylinder failure:

    Measure 1: the sealing device in the cylinder block is mainly the sealing element, and the appropriate hardness should be selected. And it should be noted that the higher the cylinder pressure, the greater the hardness of the seal;

    Measure 2: for sealing, we should pay attention to it and choose the one that matches it. We can't choose it casually, let alone use it casually, because there will be problems in this way;

    Measure 3: the hydraulic cylinder should be used correctly and reasonably, and it should not be operated and used blindly, which will not only seriously damage it, but also greatly shorten its service life, and may bring serious consequences, making it useless, thus causing the loss of economic benefits.

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