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    Leakage of piston rod in hydraulic cylinder

    Release time:2022-07-07      Number of hits:11

    Hydraulic cylinder oil leakage is a headache for flood users, but this problem will still occur frequently. Leakage problems can be mainly divided into internal leakage and external leakage of sealing structure and oil leakage caused by cylinder block damage. As for the hydraulic cylinder, its internal piston rod is easy to be worn due to frequent contact with external impurities.

    In some environments with poor working conditions, the appearance of the piston rod will also adhere to a lot of dust, soil and other substances, among which there are also some hard substances. Therefore, due to the influence of various factors, the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder will probably leak. The reason for the external leakage is that the structure of the shaft combined seal is unreasonable.

    Because the clearance between the piston rod and the guide sleeve in the hydraulic cylinder is unreasonable. If many users encounter the problem of blackening the appearance of the piston rod, it is really caused by this cause. From the market survey, we found that this factor accounts for a large proportion of the reasons for the leakage of the piston rod, which was once more than 60%. Therefore, everyone should pay more attention to this problem in use.

    In practical use, many situations can definitely damage the contour of the piston rod. How can the friction between the seal ring and the piston rod be increased early, so that the wear of the seal ring is effective. This situation is one of the main reasons for the leakage of the piston rod in the initial stage.

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