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    What are the precautions when installing the hydraulic cylinder

    Release time:2022-07-07      Number of hits:8

    With the deepening and popularization of hydraulic skills and the increasing expansion of application fields and occasions, hydraulic cylinders need to constantly put forward new requirements for the working function, structure, application scale, manufacturing accuracy, appearance, data and experimental methods of hydraulic cylinders, thus constantly promoting the development and progress of hydraulic cylinders. How much do you know about hydraulic cylinders? Do you know what should be paid attention to when installing the hydraulic cylinder?

    1. Before installing the hydraulic cylinder, carefully check the processing quality of its shaft end, hole pin, etc., chamfer and remove burrs, and then clean it with kerosene or gasoline and dry it.

    2. The parallelism and straightness of the device surface and the sliding surface of the piston should be maintained.

    3. The middle line of the oil cylinder should be concentric with the action line of the load force to avoid causing lateral force. Otherwise, the seal or piston is easy to wear.

    4. The pin hole at the end of the piston rod should be in the same direction as the pin hole of the earring, otherwise the oil cylinder will be subject to the zigzag load with the trunnion as the fulcrum, causing wear, jamming and other phenomena.

    5. In the occasions with large shape range and high ambient temperature, the oil cylinder can only be fixed at one end, and the other end can adhere to the elastic state, so as to avoid the deformation of the cylinder block caused by thermal expansion.

    6. For the oil cylinder with large stroke, support should be set in the middle of the cylinder block and piston rod to avoid downward bending of its own weight.

    7. Generally, the sealing ring of the oil cylinder cannot be installed too tightly, mainly the U-shaped sealing group. If it is too tight, the movement resistance of the piston rod will increase.

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